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Dive into a Baltic Beauty Summer

by Sally-Ann Dunn August 22, 2016

Whilst enjoying the incredible views and beautiful back drop of Croatia this summer, we took the time to create our very own Summer Campaign video. Check it out here and dive into a Baltic Beauty Summer!

Become a Baltic Beauty Brand Ambassador

by Sally-Ann Dunn July 01, 2016

Want to share your love for jewellery? Become a part of our Baltic Beauty family and apply to be a brand ambassador! We entrust our ambassadors to spread the word about our baltic amber jewellery and, in turn, help create a generation of "timeless fashion". Check out the article for more information on this exciting new position.

Off the Chain: Sterling Silver Chains Collection

by Sally-Ann Dunn June 19, 2016

This week I wanted to feature our gorgeous chains (hence the punny, title). In our Baltic Beauty store, we offer 6 Sterling Silver Chains. Each has its own wonderful personality and adds something a tad different to every pendant.

Baltic Beauty's Music Collection

by Sally-Ann Dunn May 21, 2016

This week is ALL about music. Everybody loves music, it brings joy to life's metaphorical ears. So our way of showing our appreciation of music, is through the gorgeous products featured in our 'Music Collection'. ENJOY!

A Baltic Beauty Wedding

by Sally-Ann Dunn May 12, 2016

So, spoiler alert: we got engaged, HUZZAH. And, I have exams. So that can only mean one thing: PROCRASTINATION WEDDING PLANNING, *insert girlish scream here*. So check out this awesome collection of a Baltic Amber inspired wedding ideas. So much wedding inspiration and so little time for revision. 

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year: A look at our 2015

by Sally-Ann Dunn January 03, 2016

We first began our shop at the end of 2014, so as you can imagine, 2015 has been a big year. We want to thank you for following us and supporting our journey. So we have put together a short video, giving you a quick look at what we've done this year.

Baltic Beauty's Autumn Jewellery Collections

by Sally-Ann Dunn September 26, 2015

Well summer has come, gone, and left us long behind. But don't despair, we are here to wish a very happy Autumn/Fall to our beautiful BB-Blog readers! Just a short post from me this week, to give you something to look forward to - a sneak peek at a few of our brand new, up and coming 'Autumn/Fall' jewellery lines. Enjoy!

How and why Baltic Beauty began

by Sally-Ann Dunn July 26, 2015

"Following my simple introduction, I feel it necessary to divulge into an elaborate explanation of how my business began. I can tell you now, the idea did not come to me in my sleep by some prophet with wings - but there are in fact, one or two reasons behind it..."

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