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Introducing: Our Retailers

Our story first began on Etsy, where we first realised the potential for modern amber jewellery. Etsy is a handmade marketplace, featuring unique one of a kind items from around the world. It provided us with an effective means of promoting our designs and breathing new life into the world of amber jewellery.

"The heart and soul of Etsy is our global community."

Through Etsy we managed to reach a global audience, connecting us with people from all corners of the world, to spread our ethos of timeless jewellery. At Etsy, its the personal experience that counts, whether through our 24/7 customer service, or the personal handwritten thank you notes  - we connect with every single one of our customers. 

You will be able to find all of our jewellery designs on our Baltic Beauty Jewellery Etsy store along with our amazing 5* customer reviews. 


Pieces of Mine
is an exclusive online platform featuring unique and one of a kind accessories, created by  independent jewellery designers from around the world.

"Jewellery is a person’s way of showing off their identity and personality; and should therefore never be standardised nor ordinary."
Pieces of Mine provides access to exciting and new jewellery designs, to ensure that everyone can find those special Pieces that proclaim their unique identity.

At Pieces of Mine #madebymatters - it is the people and the stories behind the jewellery that make the accessories truly unique.

You will be able to find a touch of Baltic Beauty at Pieces of Mine! Pieces of Mine is home to some of our largest and most exclusive baltic amber and sterling silver Pieces. 


baltic beauty brand ambasssador - jewellery brand ambassador

Become a Retailer

Want to have Baltic Beauty Jewellery in your shop? We're certain that our jewellery will be a beautiful addition to your store and brand. Contact us about your interest and we'll get in touch with you about bringing a touch of Baltic Beauty to your business. We aim to work with people sharing a similar mission and therefore work very closely with our partners, to create a world of effortless style and timeless jewellery.

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