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We are now offering a number of internship positions here at Baltic Beauty. We are aiming to offer people a chance to learn more about the business behind a jewellery shop, whilst gaining real life experience in a number of new and exciting fields.

Here at Baltic Beauty, we know that the best internships offer valuable, real working life experience, so we can tailor the internship to exactly suit you and your goals. 

Our internships work entirely remotely - meaning that you can work wherever and whenever you want. This is ideal particularly for students or those with a demanding schedule. 

As a Baltic Beauty intern, you will work in close contact with the founders of the brand, giving you the best experience possible. All internships are unpaid, but offer a wealth of knowledge and experience useful for your CV, further study and ultimately job acquisition.

We have several internships available and, depending on your interest and availability of time, can be moulded to exactly fit your needs.

So, interested in joining the Baltic Beauty team? Here are our current positions:

Photography Internship

Photography Internship - Baltic Beauty

Further your photography career by joining our team - enabling the addition of published work to your portfolio. We are most interested in candidates with an eye in both fashion and lifestyle images. We'll send you Baltic Beauty products to photograph during your internship - and keep afterwards! You will work in close contact with our very own professional photographer, who can coach you in photo composition, light, styling, and more. Learn the basics of product photography without the expense of professional equipment. It is crucial that you own your own equipment and have a solid understanding of the basics of photography. No prior photo editing knowledge is required, our expert can teach you the basics of both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Graphic Design Internship

Graphic Design Internship - Baltic Beauty Jewellery

Help create our next Baltic Beauty graphics! Prior knowledge of Photoshop is required to design branding materials for our website and Etsy store. We'll give you feedback and critique on all of your designs. You will also have access to amazing artists from the ArtCore community to aid your development. In order to complete your internship, you will receive a wealth of photographs and materials in order to aid your designs. 

Editorial and social media internship

Social Media Internship - Baltic Beauty Jewellery

Earn published articles by writing for our Baltic Beauty Blog. You have flexibility in what topic you can write - from lifestyle to beauty to fashion and trends. You will receive instant feedback on your writing and coaching from our very own Baltic Beauty blogger. You will also be coached in creating social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Take ownership of one of our social media accounts and learn how to grow a community. We'll help you along the way, providing marketing insight, content and photos. You'll gain hands-on experience in writing, marketing and social communication.

Product design internship

Jewellery Design Internship - Baltic Beauty

If you're interested in fashion and design, help create our next Amber Jewellerypieces! Research our materials of Baltic Amber and Sterling Silver, find accessory inspirations, study the market and sketch your very own designs. We'll give you feedback and critique every step of the way. You may even see your Baltic Beauty concept brought to life. If your internship design is chosen to be produced and sold in our store, we will offer you commission based payment for your design.

All internships can be personalised to suit your needs, if you want specific specific experience in marketing on Twitter - you can do just that! 

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