The Baltic Beauty Team

Sally-Ann Dunn 

sally-ann dunn owner photoMy name is Sally-Ann Dunn and I am the head of Baltic Beauty, and BB-Blogger (as well as being a 3rd Year Biology student at the University of Exeter on the side). It is my absolute pleasure to work with such exquisite handmade jewellery. I have always been interested in fashion and appearance, so being able to target that passion into a business regarding the best Baltic Amber jewellery is truly rewarding. I also work as the model for our product photo's as well as in our promotional photo-shoots which you will be able to see on our Facebook page in the near future. Being an avid shopper, I understand the necessity of good customer service, and it is one of the most important parts of every business. I strive to make your shopping experience both enjoyable and worthwhile. I have found that in recent years, online shopping has led to those experiences becoming disconnected - but my aim is to provide you with a more personal shopping experience, making it simple and yet as exclusive as possible. So please, if you have any requests - please contact us! And finally, I am now the sole writer for our new blog 'The BB-Blog', which covers all sorts of interesting topics - jewellery/fashion/photography/travel/business, there is something for everyone. 

Bartosz Wozniak 

My name is Bartosz Wozniak and I am the photographer and co-founder of Baltic Beauty (I also attend the University of Exeter reading Law and French Law.) We started Baltic Beauty, with a belief that we could build a unique brand, where each customer felt valued and treated as an individual and I feel that this is very important in our little business. To find out more about the startup of our business please read our second blog post! One of my jobs in the company is product photography and as a photographer I aim to capture the beauty of life in a single still moment. The real challenge? - to reproduce the true natural beauty of our jewellery products! Baltic Amber is incredible in the way it catches and reflects light, every piece is unique, so it is important to treat them as such in a photograph. But capturing the elegance of our jewellery is a real pleasure. To see some of my work, please feel free to browse through our product range - all of the photographs were taken by me! For more information on me, and mainly my photography, check out our BB-BLOG post "The mind behind the camera". It was so much fun to do the interview, and even more so, to read!