Simple Amber Arm Cuff

Simple & Elegant Baltic Amber & Silver Bracelet, fully adjustable in size and a truly stunning accessory. A statement arm cuff.

Product:  Baltic Amber & Sterling Silver Bangle
Colours:Classic Cognac
Materials:  .925 Sterling Silver & Baltic Amber
Approximate Dimensions of Amber center-piece: 26mm x 20mm x 8mm

This gorgeous amber stone bangle is available at an affordable price to all amber lovers. So simple, elegant yet at the same time absolutely stunning. The large, baltic amber piece is perfectly polished to create a smooth oval stone. The internal details collect at one size, leaving the other completely pure and translucent. The golden toned piece, is amazing - both in terms of its unusual shape but also it's fantastic, light colour and its clarity. The silver design is just exquisite and contrasts brightly against the central amber stone. 

This bangle is an extremely, high quality product and would make a perfect accessory for those most important days or nights of your life. It is glamorous, fashionable and most of all simply striking.

The bangle offers full adjustability, which means you can buy in confidence, thanks to its flexible, silver structure which allows for squeezing it tighter or loosening to fit your wrist perfectly.

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