Simple Round Amber Pendant

A beautiful, round and modern shaped amber pendant, paired with a .925 sterling silver anchor chain for a modern look accessory.

Product: Round Amber Necklace
Colours: Cognac Amber
Materials: .925 Sterling Silver & Baltic Amber
Dimensions (with hook):  34mm x 18mm x 7mm
Chain Length : 17.5" = (~45cm)

Another brand new modern design to our shop. This gorgeous pendant is a truly beautiful piece of jewellery. The beautiful amber piece is decorated simply with a sterling silver top and hook. The amber is perfectly rounded and each surface is curved and finished to perfection. The level of internal detail is just spectacular, with the amber flakes radiating natural beauty.

This pendant is coupled with a perfectly matched Sterling Silver Anchor chainIt matches the simplicity and nature of the pendant's design. If you would like one of our other Sterling Silver Chains, please contact us at the checkout.

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