Butterscotch Amber Apple Stud Earrings

A gorgeous set of butterscotch amber studs. Featuring a gorgeous 'apple' design, handcrafted from butterscotch baltic amber and .925 sterling silver.

Product: Apple Stud Earrings
Colours: Butterscotch
Materials: Baltic Amber & .925 Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 25mm x 11mm x 5mm

This pair of modern stud earrings are quite large compared to classic stud earrings, due to their round and 3D style of the handcrafted apple! The earring is shaped like a heart as well as an apple with a small sterling silver leaf at the top of the accessory! The earrings are a lovely and simple, stud design.

The centrepiece of these stud earrings is the butterscotch amber. Handcrafted with the rarest of amber styles - these earrings feature the most gorgeous, creamy amber which will really wow any on-lookers.

They would make a wonderful and inexpensive, quality gift for any woman or girl!