Butterscotch Amber Bangle

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A stunning, statement bangle featuring an incredible double centre piece with 2 butterscotch white amber stones and an incredible, floral design in sterling silver.

Product: Arm Cuff Bangle
Colours: Dark Green
Materials: Butterscotch Amber, .925 Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia
Dimensions: 42mm x 34mm x 12mm
Size: Ajustable

This bangle is a  gorgeous statement accessory featuring two, large butterscotch amber pieces at its core. The bangle includes a truly stunning sterling silver, floral design which encompasses the entirety of the bangle itself. The large flower at the front of the bangle, also includes a small  cubic zirconia piece, simply adding that extra touch of sparkle and elegance.

The bangle opens easily at the back, making its size adjustable by gently squeezing or pulling the silver bands.