Long Amber Pendant

Gorgeous baltic amber pendant, featuring a classic, polished amber piece, decorated with high quality sterling silver. Paired with our very own elegant Helix chain.

Product: Classic Pendant Necklace
Colours: Cognac
Materials: Baltic Amber & .925 Sterling Silver
Dimensions (mm): 56 x 18 x 7
Included Chain: Helix 
Chain Length: 17.5" (45cm)

This pendant features a slightly darker and deeper shade of baltic amber. The colour really is incredibly deep and the light that glimmers, from the reflections gives a 'glittery' illusion. The sterling silver elements are simple and do not disrupt the natural beauty of the amber, it simply outlines the stone creating a more modern feel.

We have paired this baltic amber pendant with a free sterling silver 'Helix' chain, adding a touch of extra elegance and sparkle to this natural beauty.