Dangle Amber Bead Earrings

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Gorgeous and gentle, dangle earrings. Featuring a single amber bead, hanging from a length ball chain. Subtle and fashionable, modern earrings.

Product: Dangle Silver Earrings
Colours: Cognac
Materials: Baltic Amber & .925 Sterling Silver
Length: 45mm
Amber Dimensions: 15mm x 7mm x 5mm

Subtle and gentle fashionable earrings. These modern silver earrings, with a fantastic cognac amber addition are really unique. This handmade pair of earrings features a long, drop design made up of sterling silver spheres which then holds an extremely pretty amber stone. The shape of the stone is angular and the colour - a classic, rich cognac amber colour.

The size of these earrings are perfect for everyday wear - they're lightweight, unique and add a stylish touch to your look.