Round Amber Rose Bangle

An elegant baltic amber bangle. A unique statement arm cuff with the finest oxidised Sterling Silver and a large amber stone.

Product: Arm Cuff Bangle
Colours: Amber
Materials: Baltic Amber & .925 Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 39mm x 30mm x 7mm
Bangle Size: 17cm

This arm bangle has been carefully designed and hand crafted with careful attention to every little detail. The central amber piece has a smooth, polished finish, and finds itself encased within an intricately designed, slightly oxidised sterling silver element. Details include a delicate rose flower surrounded by handcrafted leaves entwining the bangle.

This bangle is a gorgeous piece of fine jewellery, the perfect accessory for those important days or nights of your life. It is glamorous, fashionable and most of all simply striking.