Classic Golden Amber Pendant

Lovely, classical amber pendant. This golden baltic amber stone is surrounded by a beautiful sterling silver frame.

Product: Pendant Necklace
Colours: Golden Amber
Materials: Baltic Amber & .925 Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 36mm x 23mm x 9mm
Included Chain: Double Twist
Chain Length: 17.5" (45cm)

This pendant really is the definition of timeless style. The level of internal detail is truly fascinating, with the different sized flakes catching the light so intensely. This amber stone is irresistible and the sterling silver design is artwork. There is a swirly designed frame, surrounding the pendant, adding a touch of modernity to the natural beauty of the baltic amber.

This pendant is paired with our Double Twist chain completely free! This chain adds a touch of added extravagance to this simple baltic amber pendant.