Round Green Amber Stone Pendant

A beautiful, green amber pendant featuring a stunning & mysterious amber piece and a lovely, sterling silver design.

Product: Mysterious Amber Pendant
Colours: Green
Materials: Baltic Amber, .925 Sterling Silver, Titanium
Dimensions: 40mm x 22mm x 14mm
Included Chain: Cardano
Chain Length: 17.5" (45cm)

This incredible pendant is a truly breathtaking accessory. Featuring a 100% natural green amber piece, polished and perfectly rounded. A beautifully coloured and patterned stone - which is extremely unique. The light bounces around within this stone and gives this stone a mysterious, unique glow. The sterling silver design is quite simple, yet very elegant.

This pendant necklace is paired with our very own "Cardano" Chain - suiting the simple style and design of the pendant.