Large Natural Amber Pendant

A truly spectacular & beautiful amber pendant. Featuring a gorgeous and large yellow baltic amber stone.

Product: Large Pendant Necklace
Colours: Amber
Materials: Baltic Amber & .925 Sterling Silver
Dimensions (mm): 49 x 36 x 14
Included Chain: Helix
Chain Length: 17.5" (45cm)

A really unique, large and simply stunning amber pendant. This amber piece has a lovely, deep honey tone with insane clarity and fantastic internal flakes which tell a deep story of history. A lovely honeycomb structure is matched with mysterious, little flakes in your own very own time capsule. The sterling silver pattern is really intricate, scaling the top and right side, with a gorgeous, leaf/natural pattern.

This pendant comes paired with our  Sterling Silver "Helix" chain! A beautiful chain which completes the look of this luxurious pendant.