Contemporary Amber & Titanium Pendant

Unique pendant featuring a large amber stone, paired with a contemporary sterling silver design & unique titanium 'mesh' chain.

Product: Large Unique Pendant
Colours: Dark Green
Materials: Baltic Amber, .925 Sterling Silver, Titanium
Dimensions: 40mm x 34mm x 22mm
Included Chain: Titanium Mesh
Chain Length: 490mm

A spectacular and unique pendant, featuring a large baltic amber piece, bright and rich in colour with amazing internal flakes. This pendant perfectly reflect the stone's natural beauty. This natural time-capsule pendant is simply breathtaking. The sterling silver design is also completely unique, with a contemporary style the stone is held by a 3 prong structure. Perfect for a sophisticated and modern look.

As seen in our summer promotional advert, paired with a modern cocktail ring, minimalistic fashion ring and dangle earrings!

This pendant is perfectly paired with our titanium 'Mesh' chain. This chain is a one of a kind, Baltic Beauty special. It is selected to be paired with only our finest of amber pieces. It adds a contemporary style and elegant touch to this raw amber pendant. If you would like this pendant on its own, or with one of our other sterling silver chains, please let us know!