Modern Amber Sphere Jewellery Set

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A modern amber jewellery set featuring a necklace and matching, dangle drop earrings. A minimalistic jewellery set made in heaven. 

Product: Spheres Necklace & Dangle Earrings
Colours: Golden Amber
Materials: Baltic Amber & .925 Sterling Silver
Chain Length: 17.5"
Earring Length: 64mm

A creative and unique design, featuring a mixture of simplicity, elegance and fashion. The modern Y necklace includes three perfectly polished, golden amber spheres and a sleek, sterling silver chain to match. The snake style chain comes together at the front to separate into three elements of different lengths, holding the 3, golden amber spheres.

These dangle earrings are sure to impress, particularly to add an elegant touch for a special occasion, perfectly matching the sphere Y necklace - making this the perfect set.

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