Colourful Large Stone Bracelet

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Large Multicolour Amber Bracelet, featuring beautiful amber pieces and gorgeous, sterling silver woven links. 

Product: Large Stone Bracelet
Colours: Multicolour (Cognac,Yellow, Green)
Materials: Baltic Amber & .925 Sterling Silver
Length: 190-220mm (adjustable range)

This bracelet simply features t he best of baltic amber. It has unique shades of amber, including classic cognac stones, green, darker cognac as well as more yellowy citrus tones. Each stone is large, offering amazing detail and quality of finish, with each being encompassed by gorgeous, polished, high-quality sterling silver. The bracelet is an exquisite accessory, perfect to be worn with sophisticated outfits, for those special occasions.

An absolutely spectacular bracelet, which would be very much appreciated by any Amber lover or statement-jewellery fanatic.