17.5" Double Twist Chain

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A high quality .925 sterling silver chain. A double twisted, sparkly chain - strong, sturdy and elegant. Standard necklace length of 17".

 Chain: Double Twist
Length: 17.5" (45cm)
Fastening: Spring Ring Clasp

The Double Twist: the "Twist" chain's extravagant cousin. It is slightly more rigid and is made from two parallel pieces of silver, twisted together, giving a slightly different "more twisted" effect - a "Double Twist" if you will. The tighter, recurring twists give this chain an extra sparkle. The chain looks fantastic paired with any pendant, it is subtle but pretty - especially fitting for a gentle touch of glamour.

The "Double Twist" is perfect to add a touch of elegance to smaller, everyday wear pendants, or to match the beauty of a more bold, statement pendant.