Unique Amber Stone Ring

Uniquely coloured, beautifully made and naturally stunning. This amber ring features a one-off kind of stone, with incredible silver detail.

Product: Baltic Amber Statement Ring
Colours: Golden
Materials: Baltic Amber & .925 Sterling Silver
Dimensions (mm): 49 x 36 x 14

A very different ring from the rest of our range in many aspects. The amber is so unique that we don't have another item quite like this in our entire shop. Breathtaking colours are of the stone are intermingled with stunning, large flakes which hold so much detail! This ring is stunning both naturally - but also the sterling silver design shows amazing craftsmanship. The floral pattern is so intricate and matches the style of the ring perfectly.

Just look at the images - they don't even do the ring justice!

The ring is also FULLY ADJUSTABLE in terms of size (by squeezing or stretching the sterling silver band), which makes it perfect for a gift, without having to worry if it will fit or not. An extremely high quality amber ring for an amazing price.