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by Sally-Ann Dunn May 12, 2016

Apologies for the lack (complete absence) of BB blogs, I am currently completing my final year of University, and I am dying to finish. These last few months have taken me to biology hell and back - but I can officially say I'm (almost) done.

One item of news, that is on a more exciting note:  A BALTIC BEAUTY WEDDING.Okay, so I've jumped a couple of years into the future slightly, but Bartosz Wozniak did, after 4 wonderful years, pop the question. 

As of the 6/04/2016, the Baltic Beauty founders are officially engaged.

As you can imagine, my Pinterest is blowing up with wedding ideas. In the last few weeks I've created several boards, already picked out my wedding dress, chosen our rings and I've basically designed the invitations. I've had exams, ok - wedding planning is the best form of procrastination.

One thing that I didn't foresee is my absolute obsession with an 'Amber Wedding'. No, an 'Amber Wedding' doesn't really exist, but after my extensive procrastination planning - it's now officially a thing.

So if you love Baltic Amber, jewellery, and wedding planning (basically every woman, ever), check out this gorgeous plan for...

Baltic Amber Wedding Ideas


Hope you enjoyed this "Amber Wedding" inspiration!

As always, 
Your engaged BB-Blogger,

  Sally-Ann  xxx

Sally-Ann Dunn
Sally-Ann Dunn

Passionate writer, ring addict and the creative eye behind the Baltic Beauty Blog.

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