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About Baltic Amber

Amber is a fossilised tree resin dating back around 40-60 million years ago, from the Eocene era. The origin trees that oozed amber resin are long extinct, leaving behind a history of natural beauty. 

Found along the shores of the Baltic Coast (explore our Baltic Sea Photo Gallery), Amber in its complete natural form, is rock-like and usually opaque in colour. Most commonly amber is associated with its well know yellow-orange-brown cognac hues. However, there are numerous different shades, from a brittle white color through to citrus yellow, brown and even black. Other uncommon colours include cherry red, green and even blue - a rare Dominican Amber.

The colour, clarity and detail of our amber jewellery is as a result of exposing the natural fossil element to high temperatures, pressures and polishing. Bringing out the natural beauty of the gemstone in the same way that a diamond receives a faceted cut. Heating of the amber stone results in an effect of tiny internal explosions, creating unique organic patterns, giving each piece a truly individual character. 

One of the most unique aspects of Baltic Amber, is its ability to preserve articles which became trapped around 50 million years ago - creating the world's very own time capsule. Trapped objects such as insects and can render the stones so much more rare and valuable. At the Amber Museum in Gdansk Poland, you can witness such preserved articles including Spiders, Lizards, Mosquitos and Dinosaur Feathers. 

Scientific tests have identified that Baltic Amber contains between 3-8% of succinic acid, proven to have a beneficial effect on living organisms. Amber and its derivatives are amongst ingredients used in contemporary medicines and therapeutics. 

Since ancient times, amber has been treasured for its natural beauty, individuality and warm glow and we are proud to be breathing new life into the designs and trends of amber jewellery. Every Baltic Beauty harbours a unique story, in its design, or in the history of the stone itself, there is meaning behind every piece. This is the exclusive beauty of Baltic Amber - with each stone, you own a physical piece of history and time. The memories and story behind each Baltic Beauty from the moment you own it, is up to you.

Genuine Baltic Amber Jewellery

We're so proud to have been registered by the International Amber Association (IAA) as an official Recommended Seller of Amber Jewellery. We commit ourselves to meeting the criteria as laid out by the IAA - as well as offering a guarantee of the authenticity of your amber jewellery. See our "Amber Jewellery Authenticity Certificates" as presented by the Official IAA, available in several languages!

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