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All About Amber

The History, Origins & Natural Beauty of our favourite Organic Gem.

Introducing Baltic Amber -

Nature's Time Capsule

One of the biggest misconceptions of Amber is that it is a stone, or a gemstone - but it is not. Amber is a fossilised tree resin dating back around 40-60 million years ago, from the Eocene era. The origin trees that oozed amber resin are long extinct, leaving behind a history of organic and natural beauty for us to treasure. What sets Amber apart from other gemstones is it's history. We aim to honour and respect that history in every aspect of our brand and design. One of the ways we're doing this is to reduce the amount of misinformation surrounding Amber & it's properties. Learn more below or feel free to contact us with any questions.

Fossilised Resin

Baltic Sea, Poland

40 Million Years Old

About Amber

What is Natural Amber?

Amber in its completely natural form, is rock-like and usually opaque in colour. Most commonly amber is associated with its well know yellow-orange-brown hues. However, there are numerous different shades, from a brittle white color through to citrus yellow, brown and even black. Other uncommon colours include red, green and even blue - a rare Dominican Amber, however this is not a Baltic Amber.

The colour, clarity and detail of our amber jewellery is as a result of exposing the natural fossil element to high temperatures, pressures and polishing. Bringing out the natural beauty of the gemstone in the same way that a diamond is polished and receives a faceted cut. Heating of the amber stone results in an effect of tiny internal explosions, creating unique organic patterns, giving each piece a truly individual character. 

The Origin Story

So Amber was formed in these great forests of Northern Europe, but how do we come to enjoy them today? In the past 2 million years, glaciers and their melted waters moved deposits of this historic fossil towards the Baltic Shorelines. Gdansk, Poland is considered the Amber Capital of the World and coincidentally the birth place of Baltic Beauty.

Today, during storms that churn the Baltic Sea bed, Amber is cast onto the shores of the coast. It is fished and hand picked ready to be cherished by people all around the world.

About Amber

Does Amber have Healing Properties?

Scientific tests have identified that Baltic Amber contains between 3-8% of succinic acid - proven to have a beneficial effect on living organisms. It is true that Amber and it's derivatives are amongst ingredients used in contemporary medicines and therapeutics. These properties of Amber are evident in it's raw and nature found form. There are claims of Amber releiving pain, reducing inflammation and removing negative energy, and it has been used throughout history as a form of medicine. However it is a contentious topic, and therefore we do not make any such claims about our jewellery. If any further evidence does come forward, we'll be the first to let you know. Be sure to sign up to our blog if you would like to learn more about Amber and it's properties.

About Amber


One of the most unique aspects of Baltic Amber, is its ability to preserve articles which became trapped in history - Amber is nature's very own time capsule. The majority of amber inclusions are insects and arachnids, however in the Amber Museum in Gdansk Poland, you can explore extremely rare and one of a kind articles including Lizards, Dinosaur Feathers and even birds.

Larger fragments of plants, such as twigs, leaves or flowers, are also a rarity being much more fragile.

Genuine Baltic Amber

We're so proud to have been registered by the International Amber Association (IAA) as an officialRecommended Seller of Amber Jewellery. We commit ourselves to meeting the criteria as laid out by the IAA - as well as offering a guarantee of the authenticity of your amber jewellery. See our "Amber Jewellery Authenticity Certificates" as presented by the Official IAA, available in several languages!


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About Baltic Amber