About Sterling Silver

Pairing our natural Baltic Amber with Sterling Silver, adds a modern and contemporary touch to the gemstone, creating a bridge between natural and manmade beauty.

Pure silver is generally too soft, therefore it is alloyed with copper, providing strength, whilst preserving ductility and its precious metal appearance. Our sterling silver consists of 92.5% silver, and for the remaining part - copper. The malleability paired with the hardness of sterling silver allows the creation of our intricate and often complex designs. 

All of our jewellery pieces weighing over 7 grams, bear an official series of marks, known as a hallmark, to indicate the purity of the silver. Baltic Beauty Jewellery fully complies with the 1973 Hallmarking Act and is registered with the Birmingham Assay Office, who independently test and guarantee that our jewellery is .925 sterling silver. This assures that you can buy from us with confidence that you are purchasing genuine sterling silver jewellery that with care, will last a lifetime. Learn more about how to clean your Amber & Silver Jewellery.

Continually evolving, we introduced a brand new range of designs to our jewellery collections, seeing our iconic .925 sterling silver “kissed” with vermeil gold plating. Bringing an entirely new look to our signature sterling silver designs.