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About Us

Everyday Luxury Amber Jewellery 

Baltic Beauty Jewellery is an online, every day luxury to evening elegance jewellery brand, striving to promote a modern image of timeless amber jewellery. Known for our exquisite design and traditional craftsmanship, we strive to encourage that jewellery need not just be an embellishment, but an extension of your personality and kind. It is our belief that a jewellery piece bears no expiry, but offers a lifetime of enjoyment, captivation and meaning.

Inspirations behind our designs are deeply rooted in the beauty of nature, you'll often find that our sterling silver elements mimic the sea's waves, or parallel a tree's colonising vines. We turn to every aspect of the natural world to offer an authentic reference for our creations.

Natural Beauty meets Fine Design

Since ancient times, amber has been treasured for its natural beauty, individuality and warm glow and Baltic Beauty is proud to be breathing new life into the designs and trends of amber jewellery. Pairing our natural Baltic Amber & Sterling Silver, adds a modern and contemporary touch to the gemstone, creating a bridge between natural and manmade beauty. With the unique combination of natural baltic amber, innovative design, un compromising quality and the finest materials, Baltic Beauty is flourishing.

Every Baltic Beauty harbours a unique story, whether in its design, or in the history of the stone itself, there is meaning behind every piece. This is the exclusive beauty of Baltic Amber - with each stone, you own a physical piece of history as nature's very own time capsule. The memories and story behind each Baltic Beauty from the moment you own it, is up to you.

Want to see Baltic Beauty Jewellery behind the scenes? Head to our YouTube or check out our founders to  'Meet the Team'.


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