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A Looking Glass into the Organic History of Baltic Amber

From everyday boho to evening radiance, Elements is instantly wearable with an organic cut and minimalist flare. Hand crafted with a sterling silver bevel and pebble cut Amber. Designed to honour the organic shapes of nature, the edged frame is a minimalist touch to complete this exclusive Baltic Beauty original collection.

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Elements-Baltic Beauty


Modern and Minimal Must Haves

A modest collection with a mighty style impact. ESSENTIALS is a brand new minimal Amber Jewellery collection by Baltic Beauty, designed for the versatile modern woman. To be worn at any time, the ESSENTIALS are for dates of distinction and daily routine, dressed up or down, stack and style to your heart’s content. Discreet everyday jewellery with a colourful twist.

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Essentials-Baltic Beauty


Charming & Vibrant 

The Handmade collection offers an eclectic curation of handcrafted Amber Jewellery. With each design, the Baltic Amber is hand cut, polished and finished - every Amber entirely unique in its colour, clarity and internal details.

Enjoy the magical touch of skilled artisans and adorn something special, something created especially for you. Own a unique Amber treasure, with historic and natural variations, to which only you are privvy. 

From elegant Evening Rings, to rough-cut Boho Necklaces, theres a jewellery box must-have for every style. For absolute unique, one-off beauties, explore our luxury One of A Kind Jewellery collection. 

Discover more reasons "Why you should choose Handmade Jewellery"

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Handmade-Baltic Beauty


Classic Treasures for Evening Elegance

A classic jewellery collection inspired by the timeless excellence and savoir-faire beauty of gemstone jewellery. The rope edged frame, subtle stone mount and hand-cut oval ambers, make our Quintessence collection beaming with treasures of exemplar elegance.

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Quintessence-Baltic Beauty


Redefining Raw Amber Jewellery 

Baltic Beauty RAW is an exclusive Baltic Beauty collection, offering a brand new style and image for both men and women. Featuring raw amber jewellery, each design is crafted with natural Baltic Amber and delicately finished to maintain an organic edge. Minimal Sterling Silver is used in production, allowing for a complete focus on this historic semi precious stone. From elegant calibrated spheres to edgy uncut stones - our Raw Collection boasts the best of Baltic Amber.  Learn more about Baltic Amber or explore our jewellery collections.

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RAW-Baltic Beauty


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