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How to Clean and Care for Amber Jewellery

Baltic Amber Jewellery is a true and honest natural beauty, but beauty requires some work - every now and then. Many factors can influence the condition of jewellery, therefore its important to ensure that it is properly cleaned, stored and if necessary repaired. Dust, pollution, and general wear can cloud the shine of your Amber treasures, so follow our tried and tested methods to ensure your amber jewellery sparkles for a lifetime.

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  • Amber is sensitive to direct sunlight, try to keep it away from direct heat. For example, remove jewellery before sunbathing in hot climates.
  • Similarly, your amber jewellery should also be kept away from climatic extremities, as this can also affect the look of the amber. Taking special care to avoid extreme humidity or heat can also help prevent tarnishing. For example, remove jewellery before taking a hot shower, sauna etc.
  • Amber should be kept out of contact with metals, stones and other jewellery. Suitably your Amber Jewellery should be kept in separate cloth bags or fabric lined jewellery box. 
  • Take care not to drop, scratch or bash your jewels. Amber is a relatively soft material and with force can crack and break.
  • If you wear hairspray and perfume, apply it before wearing your jewellery. This will limit the presence of chemical residue on your gorgeous accessories. It has been found that these sorts of chemicals can leave a potentially permanent, white coating or can dull the polish of the amber. This can cause the Amber to have a less radiant and fiery tone.
  • The same also applies with house work and cleaning, it is best to try to avoid harsh chemical and harsh physical contact. 
  • Don't attempt to clean your amber jewellery using an "Ultrasonic Jewellery Machine" or steam cleaner. They can cause the amber to crack as well as destroying the polish of the stone.
  • You should clean your amber jewellery regularly to maintain it's shine and polish. Use our sterling silver polishing cloth to remove tarnish and keep your jewels sparkling. 
  • Do not use an abrasive cloth (such as our Anti-Tarnish Cloth) on Gold Plated Jewellery, this can remove the Gold layer. 
  • Gold Plated Jewellery for example those from our Solstice Collection, will need to be re-plated as the Gold will fade with time. How often Gold Plated jewels require re-plating depends on its care. 
  • Store jewellery separately, so that pieces do not tangle, scratch or rub against each other.
  • Always remove jewellery when Swimming, Chlorine is especially damaging to jewellery. 
  • If any chemicals do come into contact with your jewellery, ensure that you rinse it off straight away, to avoid any build up which can make the cleaning process more difficult in the future.  

How to clean RAW Amber Jewellery:

  • Find a soft, clean cloth and lightly dampen it with warm (not hot) water.
  • Use the cloth to clean your amber jewellery, removing any oil or debris.
  • Immediately after, dry the amber piece thoroughly using a dry cloth. 
  • If you would like to restore shine to an old amber piece, use just a small drop of olive oil to polish the amber, then again, wipe immediately clean with a dry cloth.


How to clean Amber & Silver Jewellery:

  • To clean your Amber & Silver Jewellery, you should use an anti-tarnish cloth to target the sterling silver. This removes the dark oxidisation the occurs naturally as a result of the Silver's reaction to oxygen. 
  • Using the cloth, polish the silver, rubbing with a gentle pressure repeatedly across the silver elements. 
  • When wiping the accessory, dark smudges may appear on the cloth, this is tarnish, and is stopping your jewellery from being all shiny and new.
  • Keep rubbing away at the silver, until the tarnish is gone.
  • Find a soft and clean cloth, and slightly dampen the amber part of your jewellery piece with warm (not hot) water.
  • Use the cloth to clean your amber jewellery, removing any oil or debris.
  • Immediately after, dry using a dry and soft cloth.  

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