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Off the Chain: Sterling Silver Chains Collection

This week I wanted to feature our gorgeous chains (hence the punny, title). In our Baltic Beauty store, we offer 6 Sterling Silver Chains. Each has its own wonderful personality and adds something a tad different to every pendant. Our chains are the finishing touch to every piece. 
Up until now, we have always offered every pendant with 6 chain options. Now, we have decided to offer our pendants with a single select chain. We have chosen the chain based on the style, size and weight of the pendant, to ensure that you get the best suited chain for your Baltic Beauty pendant.

Of course, everyone has preferences when it comes to accessories. So you still have the option of contacting us at the checkout to let us know your chain of preference and we'll send you your fave instead. Everybody wins!

So without further ado here are our 6 Sterling Silver Chains, each with their very own description, to help you decide which is the best for you and your pendant.

1. Twist

The Twist: made with .925 Sterling Silver and oh so aesthetically pleasing. The chain is a beautiful, twisted design - hence the clever name, which looks fantastic when paired with any - on the smaller size - pendant. It is a subtle yet very pretty chain. Whilst most chains possess a sole purpose of holding a pendant around your neck, the Twist chain adds something special to the overall look. Personally, I would say that the Twist chain suits more flashy and elegant pendants to be worn on special occasions. However, at the same time the Twist chain would add that little something extra to a  simple daily-wear pendant. With the "Twist" chain, it can take a little extra effort to ensure the 'twists' are even either side of the pendant. Before putting it on hold it by one end and let the chain twist naturally, slide your pendant on and you're good to go!

2. Anchor


The Anchor: perfectly named and designed, to pair with Amber from the Baltic Sea. This chain was inspired by the strength and style of an anchor's rings. Handcrafted with strong sterling silver, the elongated and rectangular links provide a modern and simple touch to any smaller pendant. This chain is definitely strong but, despite the name, it won't weigh you down. Baltic Beauty would recommend this lightweight chain to be worn with smaller and more simply designed pendants. Depending on the style, this chain would work well with pendants dominated with silver, or conversely with a solid, raw amber piece to provide a simple silver contrast. A truly versatile chain. 


3. Helix

The Helix: achieve effortless elegance with this sparkling, foxtail-like chain. This sterling silver chain is completely unique, offering an extra touch of elegance to any style pendant. Whilst offering outstanding beauty, this chain is also sturdy, offering the option to hold some of our larger amber pieces. The chain features a twisted, spiral-like design, substantially thicker than any of our other chains. The thickness, strength and extravagance of this chain makes it more suitable for our exclusive and statement pendants, as it may be too overpowering for a petite every day piece. But of course, every design and style is unique - so if you'd like this chain, but are not sure whether it will suit your desired pendant, we would be happy to help you decide!


4. Cardano

The Cardano: this Italian-sounding chain is brand new to the Baltic Beauty chain range. This design has replaced our old "Rope" chain, which we found did not provide the strength required for many of our amber stone pendants. This simple sterling silver chain, features many small segments to make it relatively rigid and sturdy. Upon wearing this item, it retains a beautiful 'U' shape whilst exhibiting any pendant. The modern design, coupled with its durability and elegance makes it the perfect match for unique, smaller pendants. We think it works particularly well with pendants that have a slightly oxidised or antique feel, or with pendants involving a lot of silver. This chain has amazing quality and durability; I, myself, can provide testimony as I have worn the same Cardano chain, almost every day for the past 4 years and it's still like new. 

5. Snake

The Snake: the most popular choice amongst Baltic Beauty buyers. This chain is so versatile, it will perfectly suit almost any pendant. The chain is strong, sleek and sturdy. This style is less rigid than the "Cardano", providing a more fluid and relaxed feel. What makes this chain the most popular choice, is the way it matches many of our pendant designs. This smooth sterling silver chain provides a simple chain that will match the style of your pendant perfectly, whilst not detracting from the pendant's beauty. If you're not sure what chain to choose, the "Snake" is always a safe bet. It is not quite as suitable for smaller, more petite, 'daily-wear' pendants, as it may overpower the pendant's subtlety. For this smaller style, we would recommend the "Anchor" or "Cardano".

6. Double Twist

The Double Twist: the "Twist" chain's extravagant cousin. It is slightly more rigid and is made from two parallel pieces of silver, twisted together, giving a slightly different "more twisted" effect - a "Double Twist" if you will. The tighter, recurring twists give this chain an extra sparkle, making it one of my personal favourites. The chain looks fantastic paired with any pendant, it is subtle but pretty - especially fitting for a gentle touch of glamour. Due to the extra twists in this chain, there isn't the issue of having uneven twists on one side of a pendant, like observed with the "Twist" chain. The "Double Twist" is perfect to add a touch of elegance to smaller, everyday wear pendants, or to match the beauty of a more bold, statement pendant. However, this chain may not be suitable for our largest of large amber stones, in which case I would recommend the "Snake" chain to take on this task. 



All of our chains are 17.5" (45cm) long. This is the standard chain length for most pendants.

Please let us know in the comments if you have a preference of chain length, as we are looking to expand our chain range. We love customers' input to help expand our shop and offer you the products that you need. 

Also if you have any design or style ideas, we're always looking for unique ways to stylise our jewellery.

So what's your favourite Baltic Beauty chain?



Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions regarding our chain collection, please don't hesitate to contact us!

As always, 
Your BB-Blogger,

 Sally-Ann xxx


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