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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Princess Edition

Valentines day, it's like Marmite - you either love it or you hate it. But you can't just turn your back on it and this year, Valentine's day has got us all struggling for gift ideas.

Our bank accounts have barely just recovered from the Christmas splurge, and now you're telling me that we have to buy gifts AGAIN. 


You may be sitting there now thinking that you're lucky, and that you've escaped Valentine's Day this year, after hearing your loved one coming up with this classic line:

"Let's not do Valentine's Day this year, it's only just been Christmas, we've got no money, let's just give it a miss"

You may have even thought you escaped the whole facade.

Don't be fooled.

Baltic Amer jewellery is the perfect accesory to treat the love of your life - high quality with natural beauty and an affordable price tag, what more could you need?

Here is a quick Valentine's Day gift guide to beautiful, heart warming jewellery that will sweep your Mrs. off her feet (all whilst giving her exactly what she expected... a 'surprise').

Valentines Gift Guide: Jewellery For Her

Make her your Queen of Hearts

Our Romantic Jewellery Gifts on Etsy:

Amber heart pendant, amber s...

Heart amber pendant, green a...

Cute Apple Amber Jewellery S...

Butterscotch Amber Apple Ear...

Green Apple Heart Earrings, ...

Apple Heart Earrings, amber ...

Small Amber & Silver Rings, ...

Little Heart Bracelet, Sterl...

Little Heart Bracelet, Sterl...

Amber Heart Rings, Multiston...


We hope that you have a fabulous Valentine's Day!

As always,
Your BB-Blogger, Sally-Ann xxx



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