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A Quick Fire Guide on How to Find The Perfect Gift

Love makes the world go round - and at Christmas time, so do presents! Gifting makes everyone happier and it really is the thought that counts. Entering the festive season, particularly with the Black Friday Sales and marketing madness - you can become blinkered from the actual end game, which is to make your gift-ee smile. Don't get swayed by the thousands of emails in your inbox, or by the sponsored Facebook video ads, or by your significant other who really "doesn't want any presents this year" - trust us, it's all a trap.

But have no fear, as over the years we have learnt a thing or two about gift giving and we think we've gotten pretty good at it; I was told by my brother last week that I should be a "Professional Gift Giver". Anyway, we're here to help you find the perfect present for that special someone this year.

1. Listen & Observe

Your gift receivers will, in so many words, tell you exactly what they want. You just have to listen. If they're being super difficult, coax it out of them, take them shopping and you'll be able to see exactly what they love. Online shopping for others is particularly a gold mine. Listen out for code phrases such as "Oh I love that", "What do you think of this?"and "Oh that is so cool!". The key is to pretend you're not interested with absent minded replies, such as "oh yea" and "thats nice", and then secretly make a note! You're welcome.

2. Set a budget

We've all been there - our mums deserve the world, but all we can afford is a tea cosy and a yankee candle. But unfortunately, that is the reality. We will never be able to show the people we love how much we care with gifts or money. So just accept it, set a budget and show them how much you care in different ways i.e make your mum a cup of tea or take her on a day trip to the Candle Workshops. Trust me, I've been there, just have a drink or two before hand and it'll be over before you know it. The monetary value of a gift is completely irrelevant. At the age of 6, I handcrafted a notebook for my dad with a Kylie Minogue cover. Now it may have said 'Kyle' in big letters beside a half clothed stick figure in wax crayon. And it may have been an old notebook of mine with the front cover ripped off, but the point is, whilst the monetary value was completely zero, he has kept it, used it and treasured it to this day.

3. Make a list of your gift-receivers likes, dislikes, hobbies and generally things that define their personality.

Just take a minute to write a list of your gift-receivers favourite things and you'll soon think of the perfect gift. Make a note of their hobbies, favourite films, food, things they dislike, even their job. Do they have a long commute to work and so could use an e-book to listen to on the journey? Do they hate cutting avocados, and need a specialised avocado like tool? Every aspect of their personality can be used to think of the perfect gift. Little tip, think of these "personality traits" or favourite things, and use a marketplace like Etsy to search for related gifts. For example, type in the search bar "Travel Lover Gift" or "Music Fan Gifts" - there will be so many unique ideas, that you'll be sure to find inspiration for the perfect gift in no time. 

4. Make the gift receiving an experience

Something that Bart does for me every year is turn my Christmas gift opening experience into a full-house treasure hunt. He knows that I love puzzles and games, so what better way to gift me my presents. He also knows how much I am obsessed with Harry Potter, so of course, all clues arrive via tea-stained parchment paper. Or, if you're a jokester and got a few miles of wrapping paper to spare, give them a laugh with a pass the parcel inspired gift, where they just keep unwrapping to no avail. Start with a large container and make them work for it, keep them guessing, until they finally reach that beautifully packaged ring box. 

5. Add a touch of your personality

Whether it be a handwritten note, romantic letter, or a little jokey quip - use a handwritten and personalised message to reminisce shared moments, to explain the gift or just to say thank you. Your gift will mean more if you add a touch of you along with it.

6. Think about what you'd like to communicate

It doesn't have to be in written words, but use the gift giving opportunity to share your feelings with the recipient. What gifts communicate is rarely attached to their price tag or generic meaning. Show them your love without words with a romantic Heart Necklace, tell them they deserve a break with a spa getaway, or just let them know that you're thinking of them. Really take the time to think about what you'd like convey in your secret message and make the most of this golden opportunity. Explore our Jewellery with Meaning Guide to discover how you can share a meaningful message.

7. Wrap it to perfection 

There is great pleasure to be had in the ceremonious unwrapping of a gift. The suspense, the excitement, the sheer elation of getting a sneak peek and then ripping away the remaining shreds of paper - the roller coaster of emotions when you think its a saucepan but its actually the thing that you really wanted! Don't skip on this amazing part of Christmas for lack of time. You don't have to be the Queen of gift wrap - but even if you just give it a go, trying will show the thought and effort that you've put in to making them feel special.


So I hope this has helped you at least a little in your search for the perfect gift. It's a difficult and often testing process but make use of the opportunity to show your loved ones how much they mean to you, and not by the things you buy, but by the effort and thought that you put in.


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