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Baltic Birthstones: August

So somehow, Amber drew the short straw and didn't manage to qualify for the 'Birthstones' category. With my love affair with Amber growing stronger everyday, I'm currently trying my hardest, to break society's barriers and squeeze it into this elite gemstone group. So welcome to "Baltic Birthstones" - an amber alternative to all of the usual birthstones.

August's gemstone is Peridot - a mineral composed of magnesium-iron silicates. The colour ranges from olive to lime green, often with a brownish tinge. The green colour is due to the presence of iron, while the brownish tinge indicates an even greater content of iron.

Well, Baltic Amber can also be found in shades of green. So it can be unofficially announced that green baltic amber is the birth gemstone for August - kind of, but not really.

It is currently well known that there are over 250 different shades with 7 main colors of Amber identified. Varying from obviously amber, to yellow and orange with even some found in white. Green and blue shades have also been identified but those tend to be much more rare.

Green tones makes up about 2% of all Amber and is surprisingly very popular. Although not all green amber is naturally occurring. It can be quite easily created by heating Yellow Amber, or painting the back with black paint - for those of you who are well acquainted with the science of light, this causes a natural amber shade to appear green, MAGIC!


Throughout history people genuinely believed that this green colour of Amber had the ability to bring immortality and good luck - Harry Potter and the Green Amber Stone should have been a thing.

With our extensive range of green amber, sterling silver jewellery, its beauty can be admired and its powers carefully considered. All in all, we believe that green amber would make a great birthstone for August! Don't you?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

As always, 
Your BB-Blogger,

 Sally-Ann xxx


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