by Sally-Ann Dunn September 09, 2016

Not everyone knows the spectrum of dazzling colours that Baltic Amber has to offer. In fact, there are 250 different shades of natural Amber - from the most common cognac hues to bony whites, Amber is a truly versatile, semi-precious stone.

So it finally happened, Baltic Beauty ventured to its first Baltic Amber Jewellery convention - Amberif, in Gdansk, Poland. It was our first time at such a huge amber show, and we certainly come to learn many new things from our experience.

Most notably, we became aware of the huge adoration surrounding  Butterscotch Amber. Whether it is because of its rarity, uniqueness or rebellious nature, (I mean, come on - it's white) at the raw amber market, natural 'butterscotch' amber reaches considerable higher prices than other shades of baltic amber.

So what is this unique white amber stone?

Butterscotch amber is characterised by its milky white to yellow shade, but how is it that this white amber resin is so different from its more common "Amber" counterparts? And to unapologetically quote Mean Girls: "why is it white?".

Following much technical research, it has come to light that the opaque nature of Butterscotch Amber is caused by teeny  tiny bubbles that get caught up in the resin from the trees on which it once lay. As seen under an electron microscope, Butterscotch amber consists of clear resin with millions of bubbles dispersed within and it is the reflections of light that cause the stone to appear a milky colour. Take margarine for example, made up of an emulsion of oil and water - both crystal clear, but come together to appear yellow. And that is why some of our natural Baltic Amber Jewellery pieces contain white/yellow amber stones.  It's still completely naturally occurring - it is simply of a rarer kind as a result of nature's cunning beauty.

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Sally-Ann Dunn
Sally-Ann Dunn

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