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Dive into a Baltic Beauty Summer

Whilst enjoying the views and the beautiful back drop of Croatia this summer, we took the time to create our very own Summer Campaign video.

Whilst it may be nearing the end of August, Summer isn't over yet! So lets take a small throwback to that peaceful beach over in the island of Bol.

With the cinematic style framing, we aimed to create a serene atmosphere, simply featuring a Baltic Beauty, becoming one with nature.

The first landscape shot - an aerial view of the sea and Croatian islands - was filmed by a, recently deceased, DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone. This footage allowed us to set the scene of our video highlighting the beauty, importance and focus of nature. 

We love the setting of this production as the Sea is an important aspect and influence of our jewellery. All of our Amber is collected off the shores of Poland, washed up by the waves of the Baltic Sea. Whilst the bed of water in our video may be the Mediterranean - its warmer, has less jellyfish and suits the symbolism of our video's intent. 

We chose Bol, Croatia as the setting for our video due to its incredible views, sea and mountains. Whilst we unfortunately didn't quite catch Golden Hour, the blue seas and sky still provided a gorgeous, summer-feel, setting.

The wooden pier, white playsuit and dolled up model provided an elegant contrast to the simple beauty of the landscape. And this is what we think is shown through our jewellery. Baltic amber is a true natural beauty, and paired with the high quality of sterling silver, it create stunningly elegant jewellery.

There are several clips showing some of our latest jewellery designs. All of these items feature classic styles, as well as the classic amber shades, as we aimed to show off the most naturally occurring forms of amber.

As the model strips to the bare necessities, it reminds us that whilst we may wear different styles and adorn unique fashions, underneath it all - we are just another beautiful product of nature.

And that is what our amber jewellery encapsulates - it allows us to personalise our style and add touches of elegance whilst maintaining the focus of natural beauty.

So strip bare and take a dive into our natural and unique amber jewellery collections.

Big thanks to TRIO Stories for the photos, filming and video production!


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