February's Baltic Birthstone

by Sally-Ann Dunn February 23, 2017




Cherry Amber - both a natural and manmade rarity within the amber field. We often associate Cherry Amber with a deep translucent red, or alternatively with stones radiating a flickering purple hue. Based on archaeological records, these colours of amber were the preferred tones of the rich, with masses of red amber rings found in historic graves. Cherry Amber is a fine and accurate February Baltic Birthstone, with its violet hue mirroring that of its traditional February Birthstone counterpart, Amethyst.


Cherry Amber has a deep, mesmerising and rare quality enveloped in a magical world of lore and history. In many cultures, this dark purplish red is associated with sophistication and wisdom, indicating power and determined ambition. Whilst its wearer may be associated with these strong personality traits, Cherry Amber can offer a calming balance, promoting peace and eliminating impatience. 

Month: February
Colour: Cherry Amber
Wearer: Sophisticated, Wise & Ambitious
Offers: Peace, Patience & Balance

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