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Halloween Designer Jewellery

by Sally-Ann Dunn October 15, 2016 1 min read

Halloween Designer Jewellery

We all know that, as the long nights draw to a close and the autumn air gains a subtle crisp, its time for Halloween. Untamed hair, porcelain complexions and heavily-lined eyes - the hallmarks of halloween have always inspired fashion designers around the globe.  

Halloween Jewellery Trends 2015

But what about eerie designer jewellery trends? Has the mystery behind this spooky holiday influenced jewellery design? Of course! The Halloween Holiday simply screams for drama and creativity when it comes to every aspect of beauty.  

Opt for a subtle style this Halloween, with pale skin, cobweb-like lashes, blood-red lips and a spot of frightful frills. 

Stephen Einhorn: Barbaricus Ring Silver
& Hand Cut Oval Onyx - £1,222

Stephen Einhorn: Medium Skull Ring Silver
& Brilliant Cut Garnets
 - £469

Astley Clarke: Lapis Evil Eye
Biography Bracelet - £125

Astley Clarke: Large Astley
Locket - £295

Stephen Webster: Jewels Verne Crab
Crystal Haze Ring - £10,050

Stephen WebsterWhite Gold & Diamond
Lone Finger Ring - £19,400

Baltic Beauty:Baltic Amber Stone
Mystique Ring - £72

Baltic Beauty: Baltic Amber Stone 
Cat Brooch - £40

Gold Serpenti Bracelet - £67,000

Serpenti Necklace - £30,700

 From the renown Serpenti collection of Bulgari to Jewels Verne of Stephen Webster, it is clear to see that Halloween is a truly inspirational holiday. 


Sally-Ann Dunn
Sally-Ann Dunn

Passionate writer, ring addict and the creative eye behind the Baltic Beauty Blog.

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