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by Sally-Ann Dunn November 12, 2017

"Founded in 1996 The International Amber Association associates manufacturers and merchants from the amber industry, artists who create amber works of art and the collectors of natural specimens and historical amber artefacts."

As of 2017, Baltic Beauty has been officially granted "Recommended Seller" status by the International Amber Association (IAA). Explore our multilingual certificates of amber jewellery authenticity.


The IAA is a non-governmental association consisting of producers, retailers, artists, & scientists from all over the world. Based in the "Amber City of Poland" - Gdansk, the IAA is committed to maintaining a fair and honest market of amber jewellery. Since 1997, the IAA has granted certificates to a select number of recommend companies, who have committed themselves to meeting the criteria required by the organisation. This allows you to buy genuine amber jewellery in confidence of its authenticity. The association's experts have created an Amber Classification System, which explains all stages of the amber manufacturing process - allowing for a systematic and cohesive set of amber terminology.


As an IAA recommended seller of amber jewellery, we testify to the authenticity of the amber we use, the correctness of the processing, the high quality of the end jewellery piece, as well as our reliability and honesty throughout. With the rise of false and pressed amber, it is more important than ever to find a trustworthy amber jewellery seller. 

Why not make a statement this party season with one of our statement Baltic Amber pieces. Shop our timeless amber jewellery with confidence of its authenticity.

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Sally-Ann Dunn
Sally-Ann Dunn

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