by Sally-Ann Dunn January 13, 2017



Red Amber - its natural beauty acquired with age and time like a fine wine. Natural Baltic amber can acquire a reddish patina, as the surface oxidises and darkens - offering a variety of reddened shades from dust orange to rust brown. Based on archaeological records, red amber was the preferred colour of the rich, with masses of red amber rings found in historic graves. Over 2000 years ago, the Romans treated Baltic Amber to enhance its natural beauty, clarifying its opacity and darkening its surface to create natural red jewellery. Techniques have been perfected in jewellery making to allow us to do the same, offering you this beautiful, deep shade of red amber. 


Red Amber has a beautiful fiery eye-catching quality with much lore and history. Red symbolises confidence, courage, action and vitality. Whilst in China, red is the colour of joy and prosperity. Lighter shades of red are often associated with determination, commitment, and caring - usually preferred by women. Darker hues of red amber harness hard, durable energy and quiet passion - Men's apparent colour of choice.

Month: January
Colour: Red
Wearer: Confident, passionate, caring
Offers: Joy, prosperity & desire



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