by Sally-Ann Dunn March 15, 2017




Butterscotch Amber - characterised by its milky white to yellow shade and bone-like feel. A genuine shade of natural amber that has confounded scientists for many years. How can it be that this amber stone is so different from its more notable "Cognac" shaded counterpart? And to unapologetically quote Mean Girls: "why is it white?"

As seen under an electron microscope, Butterscotch amber consists of clear resin with millions of bubbles dispersed within and it is these reflections of light that cause the stone to appear a milky white colour. Take margarine for example, made up of an emulsion of oil and water - both crystal clear, but come together to appear yellow to the human eye. A naturally occurring beauty and scientific phenomenon - Baltic Amber never ceases to surprise or amaze us.


Butterscotch Amber has rare and varying qualities from stone to stone. Ultimately, the specific shade of the amber determines its meaning. The whiter resin has long been associated with purity and in many cultures, is linked with openness and truth. Whilst yellow is full of creative and intellectual energy. Like the positivity of a bright sunny day, yellow amber can bring clarity and awareness to charismatic Pisceans.

Month: March
Colour: Butterscotch Yellow
Wearer: Pure, Truthful, Charismatic
Offers: Clarity, Positive Energy, Awareness

Sally-Ann Dunn
Sally-Ann Dunn

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