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Summer Jewellery Must-Haves

Fashion trends are not confined to your wardrobe - style choices extend from your prettiest head to your trendy toes. Here are some jewellery trends to help you navigate through Summer 2016 and see the top picks from our Baltic Beauty collections.

But remember this, jewellery is not just for Christmas, nor a season, nor a time. If you invest yourself into an item of jewellery, we strongly believe that you should wear it everyday. Create a generation of timeless style rather than the current times of disposable fashion.

These Baltic Beauty top picks will enable you to see yourselves not only through a trendy summer, but through an endless time of fashion and style. 

1) Arm Cuffs and Bangles

2) Stackable Y Necklace

The word 'stackable' has thus far been the pinnacle of 2016's jewellery trends. Whether it be Pandora's rings, Annie Haacks bracelets - everything has become a collectable add on. Stackable jewellery enables the personalisation of your look and Y necklaces fit perfectly with this style. They're sleek, slim and simple - everything you want from a stackable gem. They look outstanding with most styles, suiting both low cut elegant tops and lazy T-shirts - an all round, versatile style. Our Y necklaces feature polished baltic amber beads, adding a touch of added elegance to the 'stackable' style.


3) Minimalistic Fashion Rings

Jewellery trends come and go but surely, layering is here to stay! Our fingers can only carry so much jewellery - best to use finer styles and layer up. Oh look - yet another stacking trend! Fashionable 'dainty' rings are observed by many as a disposable accessory - buying many in quantity with disregard for changes in future fashion. Invest in more lifelong, minimalistic rings for a timeless and elegant look - become a part of the generation of timeless style. Our 'fashion rings' are made of high quality sterling silver with a semi-precious, baltic amber gemstone - perfect for a dainty, but high quality, daily accessory.


4) Unique Cocktail Rings

A bold and dramatic cocktail ring is the ultimate accessory to have in your jewellery box. These large and oversized ladies' rings often feature a large central stone, to overpower the hand and contrast the subtlety of an elegant dinner dress. Given the accessory's name and impressive "Where'd you get that?" allure, it'd be a sin not to take one out for a cocktail - or two, this holiday season.

5) Floral Motif

Simple accessories with added floral motifs are the latest adornment in fashion. Already gracing the Baltic Beauty collections, our flora inspired jewellery are one of the most popular styles of 2016. Such designs include enticing 'ears of wheat' and 'decorative daisies', scaling the border of pendants and rings. Our flower-loaded jewellery will be sure to see your style through a radiant summer and sparkling spring. 


6) Animal-Inspired

Well we've got the flora, so why not the fauna? Throughout history, animal icons have been a huge design trend within the jewellery market, from ancient Egyptian cobras to Cartier's iconic panther - the animal kingdom features heavily in our jewellery box. Animal-inspired accessories can provide subtle hints and connotations as to its wearer. Panthers are regal, the dragon mythical, the peacock flamboyant; incorporate meaningful jewellery to personalise your style.

7) Statement Necklace

Recent jewelry trends have oscillated vigorously between the minimal and dainty to the dramatic supreme. We've already seen the delicate, stackable Y necklaces, now let the boldest of beauties do the talking. When it comes to making a statement, size really does matter - the bigger the better. Jewellery such as this is meant to be noticed. Pair these attention seeking accessories with stud earrings, an up-do and simple outfit, to give the necklace the full spotlight that it deserves. 


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