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The True Meaning of Valentines Day & Why it should still be celebrated!

Every year, on a specific day, millions of people engage in the exchanging of admiration for their loved ones. Whether it be a down-on-one-knee moment, or an anonymous letter to a secret lover, the 14th February is a public celebration of desire, passion, friendship and love. And whilst it may be easy to head to the supermarket and purchase the first red plush teddy bear in store, it's important for us all to remember what this romantic day is really all about.


Named after the Catholic Saint Valentine - a Third Century Roman priest who secretly wed Roman soldiers under the prohibiting nose of the Pagan emperor; Claudius II. It was his belief that the soldier's only love should be their dedication to Rome. Unfortunately for Valentine, he was captured for his secret crimes and executed in the year of 270 on 14th February. Legend says that whilst imprisoned, he wrote a love letter to the jailor's blind daughter and signed it ‘from your Valentine’ - hence why traditionally, we sign this too. In modern times, Valentines day has flourished into an international holiday that puts the importance of love on a pedestal.


In most recent years, Valentine’s day is now recognised as the time of year where the hashtags #luckygirl and #boysdonegood reach thousands of millennial followers across social media platforms, as couples show off their public displays of affection through luxurious gifts and romantic dinners, date nights, and even public [over private] messages of thanks. But as Chaucer originally intended, it is merely a jubilation of expression of love, lust, and flirtation. After all, love is one of our innate humanistic desires - it’s something we all crave and seek during different periods of our lives.


It has been scientifically studied and proven, that when we fall in love, the brain releases increased amounts of phenylethlylamine (PEA) and dopamine which produce feelings of great euphoria. These chemicals may have evolved over our spectrum of existence to encourage human pairing so that we may feel and thrive off of that blissful elation. Of course, not all cultures experience romantic love in the same way, and it is likely that in our Western society, it is more highly regarded as a cultural ideal than in others. But nevertheless: love conquers all, love triumphs evil, love is in the air, make love not war, love is all you need.

That being said, we all know that the tradition of gifting jewellery during Valentine’s is only growing, and as a brand that was built on the foundations of love and the sharing of powerful experiences, Valentine’s is a wonderful way for us to showcase one of our favourite passions; Baltic Amber. Emulating the flickering, fiery wisps of the impassioned human heart, our naturally sourced baltic amber reminds us again of the sensual, universal yearning we have as beings to experience and express love to one another.


If you are looking for a truly Valentine's inspired gift this coming romantic period, our love heart jewellery could be the way to spark emotions. The popular Baltic Beauty Amber Heart Filigree Pendant  has been meticulously crafted to demonstrate intricacy through it’s intertwining sterling silver pattern. Set with scattered spherical amber pieces, the pendant evokes a  connection between both the man-made artistry and the natural beauty of this idyllic combination.


Alternatively, for something with a thoughtful and personal touch, there are a stunning array of other cut stone amber pendants, from quirky music notes, spirit animals and charms, to the more subtle and understated geometric shapes and spherical pendants. Show your loved ones that you care about their underlying passions and personality quirks. Do they "make you happy when skies are grey?", send them our Amber Sun Charm Pendant  with a handwritten calligraphy notecard quoting the romantic tune. Our Biography Collection truly allows for endless creative & thoughtful jewellery gifts.

Feel connected to the world again with Baltic Beauty's 
Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gifts and unearth the original meaning of what it is to love and share! 


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