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5 reasons why Jewellery Gift Cards actually make a great Gift!

by Sally-Ann Dunn December 01, 2019 2 min read

5 reasons why Jewellery Gift Cards actually make a great Gift!

Let's face it, Gift Cards have a bad reputation in the Gift-Giving market. They're marked as impersonal and unthoughtful. And yet, have you ever been so disgraced having received a Gift Card or Voucher? I thought not. 

Here's 5 Reasons Why Gift Cards Make The Perfect Gift: 


Gift cards give the freedom to choose. Unless someone has dropped the most un-subtle of hints of their dream present, gift cards may be the best way to give them exactly what they want. 


She will appreciate you knowing the brand which defines her, the brand that speaks to her inner shopping spirit animal. The gift of a branded Gift Card says "I know you, I have nothing to prove, I simply want for you to have what you want". 


If they love shopping, a gift card is the perfect gift. It not only gives them something they want, but it gives the experience of loading up their favourite shop, browsing and buying. The act of shopping for many is a therapeutic experience to be savoured. It is the foolproof gift for online shop-aholics. 


Now there is the argument that gifts should be a leap of faith, but according to the maths, physical presents have a 27% satisfaction rate and I do not like those odds. With a Gift Card, disappointment is a welcome avoided sentiment for everyone involved. A Gift Card is a promise of the perfect gift, with the benefit of the recipient choosing their exact ring size, preferred colour, bracelet length etc. The security of the Gift Card is also a huge advantage when it comes to group gifts. Whether for a retiring colleague or a #squad member's birthday, the Gift Card is a great option for pooling resources. 


The ultimate benefit of a Gift Card is it's convenience. If you need a last-minute gift,  forgotten a special occasion, or simply want to surprise someone with a random act of love, Gift Cards are the speediest choice. They're an on-demand gift to save the day. With the Baltic Beauty Jewellery Gift Card, you can even schedule an email with an interactive opening card, so you'll always have a gift ready at your fingertips. Just click "SEND AS A GIFT" to craft a beautifully personal greetings card. 


Sally-Ann Dunn
Sally-Ann Dunn

Passionate writer, ring addict and the creative eye behind the Baltic Beauty Blog.

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