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Baltic Beauty - Jewellery Brand Ambassador

baltic beauty brand ambasssador - jewellery brand ambassador


Want to share your love for jewellery? Become a part of our Baltic Beauty family and apply to be a brand ambassador!

Our ambassadors embody everything that Baltic Beauty is about and strives for: empowerment, timeless fashion, beauty and style. We entrust our ambassadors to spread the word about our baltic amber jewellery and, in turn, help create a generation of "timeless fashion".

In exchange, our Baltic Beauty ambassadors receive free accessories and in turn, can provide unlimited discounts to prospective customers. Ambassadors are also kept up to date with all things Baltic Beauty, including previews of brand new collections and designs before they're even on sale!

How it works?

As a brand ambassador you will be the face of Baltic Beauty. You will be responsible for the representation of our brand, style and mission statement. 

What you get:

What you do:

We aim to promote our jewellery to all ages and encourage a more unique market of fashion accessories. From students to athletes, dancer or blogger, everyone has something to offer. Use the contact form below to apply for this fast growing and exciting position; if you need you may also contact us using the following email:

We're so excited to hear from you! Expect a reply within a few days of submitting your brand ambassador application form. So, please fill in each section of this form, and under 'Application' please include the following information:

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