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10 Thoughtful Graduation Gift Ideas For Her

Graduation may just be one of the most important days of your life. It is a celebration of the fact that you’ve managed to stay relatively alert during those dreaded three hour lectures and pass all of your exams on the worlds worst hangover. Kudos. But it is also a celebration of moving onto the next stage. So a little something to say 'WELL DONE' is always a welcome treat for every graduate!

With the graduation season upon us, we’ve scoured the internet for the best gift ideas that’ll stay with your loved one for the rest of their lives.

1. Baltic Beauty’s Silver Sparrow Brooch £34.00

It’s time to spread your wings, broaden your horizon, fly the nest and soar with success! Our little amber bird brooch encapsulates what it means to feel the freedom that will soon be bestowed upon those venturing to their next life milestone. 

A lovely gift for graduation day for them to pin on their robes or cap for the ultimate personal touch. After all, this is their special day.

2. A Subscription or Membership 

When you’re about to leave the comfort zone of an interest free overdraft and generous student loan, your financial responsibilities are going to hit like a ton of bricks. A gift offering payment for your graduates favourite applications may be a thoughtful way to take some weight off their shoulders! Netflix, Amazon Prime, perhaps a years subscription to Vogue? Or even a local cinema or gym membership!

3. Celebration Cake with Congrats Cake Topper

Cake is the answer to everything. It is especially the answer to all things celebratory. Gift this lovely Handmade Congrats Cake Topper by Etsy seller TillyBeanBespoke. This lovely little number can also be framed and wall mounted post celebration for the ultimate keepsake. 

4. Daniel Wellington Watch 

With all those job applications flying out, your graduate is sure to be needing a classic timepiece to help them reach their interviews on time! Watches are great for adding personalised touches too, by having them engraved with initials, dates and names so that your one special piece becomes completely unique.

5. Keepsake Charm Jewellery

Baltic Beauty’s Biography collection is the ideal way to send a personal and thoughtful keepsake for Graduation. Explore our Jewellery with Meaning guide to send the right message with your gift. Perhaps the gift of protection for their year travelling with our Hamsa Pendant, Fairy Stud Earrings to remind them of their childhood fantasies or a Teacher's Apple for their journey into further education. Our charms are a special reminder of important life choices. Explore our Keepsake Charm Jewellery in our Biography Collection.

6. Apartment Appliances

Nothing says I love you like a microwave, am I right? Perhaps it isn’t the most romanticised suggestion, but if your child or friend are heading out to a big new city to live without their home comforts, then practicality is key. They’ll appreciate having the slightly duller appliances bought for them so that they can spend their newly hard earned cash on fun things like… partying and holidays. Because that’s really what post-student life is about isn’t it? 

7. Graduation Pop Up Card

Now what sane newly-born adult doesn't want to receive a pop up card? Send them on their way towards the path of adulthood with this fun Graduation Pop Up Card by the lovely Etsy seller Craft-A-Wish. 

graduation gift ideas

8. Kindle or Tablet

If you have a bit more of a budget then why not splash out on a device that’ll make their modern millennial lifestyle that bit more enjoyable! Is your graduate a bit of a book worm? The Amazon Kindle would make a great leisurely gift for someone who likes to read on the go! Or how about an iPad for the graduate who’s keen to globe trot - it’s lighter than a laptop and has a great inbuilt camera so there’s no excuse not to Skype call the family when they're half way across the world.

9. Baltic Beauty’s Silver Wise Owl Brooch - £40.00 

…Because you’re such a wise owl for passing your final year of university! This adorable Wise Owl Brooch comes in charm pendant form as well so you can hang it from a BB silver chain and have it resting close your heart. Bird and animal lovers will adore this fashion piece which can be pinned to their first offical office blazer, or on to the lapel of their denim jacket that they’re carting round the world! Wherever they end up, it’ll forever remind them of this significant and life changing achievement!

10. Punny Graduation Mug

This 'Koalified' Graduation Mug by fellow Etsy seller cutemugsangdthings is a lovely and cute graduation gift. The puns are almost too good to handle. Including "Con-CAT-ulated" & "So Edu-CAT-ed". We're huge fans.


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