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How to Wear Baltic Amber Jewellery with Style this Summer

SUMMER IS COMING. It just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it that winter does, does it? But it is definitely the time to get excited for holidays, festivals, long evening strolls and lots and lots of yummy ice cream which we definitely don’t need to feel guilty about! My favourite thing about summer though? How experimental you can get with your style...

As it’s highly unlikely that living in the UK will gift us a full season of sunshine, we’re not expecting everyone to be wearing bikinis through ‘til August - which means layering is still an essential part of the British fashion scene. It’s not too bad though, you can save those short shorts for your Spanish vacation, whilst in London and the likes, you can still leave the house in your favourite leather jacket. Winner.

By now I’m sure you’ve stashed away your snuggly tea-cosy style hats and blanket scarves ready for their next annual emergence - and so the time has come to welcome all those summer accessories that will no longer be hidden beneath layers of wool and knitwear - hoorah!

We’ve selected 5 of our favourite Baltic Beauty Amber Accessories and showcased how to style them for summer so you can breeze through the season looking the ever-effortless muse that you are.

1. Amber Hamsa Pendant

Without a doubt our first choice for rustling up a killer bohemian get up for a music festival! Layer with our sun pendant necklace and team with temporary tattoos, sequins, glitter, feathers and headpieces to really harness your styling skills whilst head banging to your favourite musicians.

More is more when it comes to festival fashion; hold nothing back and release the flamboyant and exotic alter ego you’ve been secretly taming through the colder months. Let the inner wolf cry to the blue corn moon and fully indulge in being able to step out of the norm. If you can’t go all Coachella at Coachella, then where can you?

2. Green Amber Filigree Pendant

Green is the colour of life, the shade of renewal and the indication of harmonious growth. Green is associated with health, freshness and natural energies - everything a good person should want to outwardly and inwardly portray as a human. It’s neutral and energising qualities make our Green Amber extremely easy to style with other earthy tones - particularly as ‘palm beach’ prints are a huge hit in the pattern department this summer (check out Marc Jacobs and Versace). I

Ideal combo: grab yourself a leafy printed summer two-piece, roll your sleeves, unbutton the shirt to create a plunge neckline, and fill the void with our Filigree pendant. Instant poolside glamour.

3. Classic Amber Infinity Bracelet

Whilst your buddies may be stacking their arms full of festival bands and woven bracelets, why not adorn your wrists with a look that’s a little more, permanent. Our classic infinity bracelet can be matched with any one of our amber pendants to complete a more articulate companionship of accessories for your summer look.

Envision an Audrey Hepburn-esque wide brim straw hat, off the shoulder white cotton dress and a collaborative fiery jewellery set featuring our very own! Timeless, suits every age/shape/style and best of all, you’ll be feeling as radiant as the the stone in your silver.

4. Pear Drop Frame Earrings

Would summer even be summer without a sea of florals? Nothing says boho like a floor length ‘peasant’ dress and some dramatic jewels to recreate a favourite 70s festival look! These Statement Amber Earrings will bring a rare opulence to a floaty lightweight gown, creating a delightful and charming contrast between folk and affluence.

If the Florence look isn’t your cup of tea, then team these with a timeless all white outfit for that fresh-off-the-yacht allure.

5. Silver Chain Infinity Anklet

If there’s one thing you want to be walking through airport security with this year, it’s this little gem right here! Baltic Beauty’s very adorable and very new Infinity Anklet brings modern style to the bohemian freedom seekers off on an adventure. Perfect for beaching or festivals, this silver chained charm anklet will sweep you off your feet!


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