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How to Style these Spring/Summer '18 Runway Trends with Timeless Amber Pendants

Keeping up to date with conflicting fashion trends can be a frustrating task when time and pennies are limited. That’s why Baltic Beauty pride themselves on creating unique and timeless jewellery collections to outlive current fashion world fads and obsessions. Having a few breathtaking pieces, is worlds better than having a lot of not so great pieces - right? Right. But once in a while we do need a little bit of guidance - or direction, to help us showcase the very best of our individual tastes.

That’s why trends exist in the first place. Not so everyone can be uniformed and coherent, but more because it’s a great way to see how individuals take one universal application and make it their own. After all, that’s what ‘having style’ is all about; being able to draw inspiration from an artistic aesthetic and then forge a new take on it - leaking elements of our personalities into our daily appearances.

Baltic Beauty’s range of amber pendants and other accessories, though classic, also slide into topical trends this Spring/Summer. I have delved into three consistently mentioned upcoming crazes that the brand can help you get on board with…

1. National Geographic 

*Please read the following sentence in the ambient voice of Sir David Attenborough*

"And here we have the wildly eccentric, ever tasteful sterling silver & amber owl pendant, gracefully styled with a white linen blouse in order to highlight the fiery shades of our feathered friends torso." *Ahem*

Ok, so we’re not exactly NatGeo - but inspiration from our planet's wildlife has seen top fashion houses celebrating our natural environment by sending animalistic pendants, brooches and prints down our Spring/Summer 2018 catwalks.

Miuccia Prada waylaid her safari print adorned models with unconventional lobster and bat earrings, whilst Bottega Veneta collared an oversized enamel butterfly and Chloé showcased horned animal pendants. Marc Jacob's had heavily encrusted bib necklaces featuring lizards, lady birds and the likes, as Brandon Maxwell introduced a series of show stopping feline-shaped and equestrian earrings.  

Bring your outfit to roaring life with Baltic Beauty’s very own wildlife inspired amber pendants; the before mentioned handmade classic owl and their more discrete, dainty swallow pendant - both perfect for a lover of the skies. As part of the Baltic Beauty Biography collection, these necklaces aim to reflect personal interests; if your loved one is enthralled by nature, a traveller or perhaps they are leaving home and flying the nest themselves, these birds will bring joy and personalised style into their worlds. 

2. Layering

Italian fashion designer Giambattista Valli, created ‘body chain’ effects using multiple single necklaces on thin chains to accentuate the torso. Perfect for dispersing vast amounts of skin on show when wearing deep-V neck lines, the layered look creates an interesting adornment most dramatically appreciated when combined with a plunged dress shirt or ‘no-bra’ blazer. Equally, this aesthetic plays on a California bohemian vibe, making it an ideal statement for our upcoming summer festival seasons. 

Begin this look with three chains; one choker, one mid length and one long length - with pendants that all tie in well together. Use Baltic Beauty’s standard 17.5 length chain with one of their Amber Charm Pendant's as your mid centre piece and then build around it. You can even buy just the charms and slide them onto your own choice of chains, making your jewellery completely idiosyncratic. 

 *The amber sun and Hand of Hamsa amber pendants are perfect stacking charms for the budding boho.*

3. Military Green

Military green screams in a Sergeant's bellow ‘I am a strong woman ready to tackle the urban jungle head on’ - or, it could just suggest that you like the colour. But because of the colours closeness to nature, the neutral green hue works well to break up monochrome or sports inspired looks, bringing a little snippet of the earths finest shade into the mix.  Luckily, Baltic Beauty has their own little taste of earth harnessed in their green amber pendants, a fresh alternative to the fiery flickers of the classic amber stone usually cast in their accessory line.

The decorative pendants draw on inspiration from the orient, as well as the ancient crafts of filigree and ajoure - which can even be linked to one of this seasons biggest Baroque trends. The open work sterling silver fuses both textured and polished artistry which contrasts with the radiant internal amber flakes - making the precious stones easy to wear from dusk until dawn.


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