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How to Travel as a Minimalist & Jewellery Lover

As humans we thrive off of curiosity. We endeavour on impulsive, daring and sometimes even dangerous ventures across our globe seeking thrills, cultural stimulation and enlightenment. Being well travelled is becoming more and more of a modern lifestyle ideal, as thousands of millennials take to the road in order to reach out and learn a little more about our fascinating planet. 

Last May I set off on my own quest across the world - a quest which I hope will continue to bring me the joy and elation that has bestowed on me so far. I’ve faced some extremities out here that I never imagined I would have to deal with, and I have probably had more stresses than I ever did living back in the UK. But what makes this different, is my attitude in reacting towards said stresses. 

Life is Simple

One pinnacle thing that I learnt whilst backpacking, was that life can always be simplified. It really isn’t that hard. We make it difficult by caring about minute details that unnecessarily complicate our lives. When living minimally out of a rucksack, you forget about all the material items you left behind; you stop worrying about what you’re going to wear, make-up was impossible in Asia because it was simply too hot, you had no permanent bedroom to keep tidy, no video games to play, it was a rarity to successfully connect to WiFi, and losing this frequent contact with others can actually be a massive weight off of your shoulders. 

My point is, is that when I packed my bags I brought only what I deemed worthy - after all, whatever I brought along for the ride was eventually going to cripple my back! I've so far conveniently left out my former life as a fashion student, with a whole walk in cupboard dedicated to shoes and accessories, so packing was never going to be an easy task. Deciding between my hundreds of high street jewels, costume necklaces and pairs of earrings to take was so frustrating that in the end I didn't take any. A slight exaggeration for literary purposes - obviously as a lover and admirer of self decoration, I did take a few key sentimental pieces. All of which I never have to take off - hassle free, and each significantly precious to me. 


When I was journeying through The Philippines and Indonesia, I noticed that the majority of other travellers had colourful woven wristbands or gypsy anklets, toe rings and pendants - iconic to every country they had visited. I fell in love with the idea of wearing my accessories as memoirs and reminders - like medals of honour from the places I had survived and ticked off my bucket list. I now have a small collection of lightweight pieces that all remind me of the different stages I conquered on my travels.

Just as body tattoos can represent life stages in the Maori culture, or how face paint is used to identify tribes in Africa - how we decide to decorate ourselves with jewellery is a form of self expression and the easiest way for others to glimpse into our personality. In effect, jewellery helps you to become a storyteller.

"Everything that you own should be either useful or beautiful." William Morris.

When Baltic Beauty reached out to me to jump on board their content team, I was ecstatic to find out that I would be receiving a couple of pieces from their collection - including one of their highly desirable natural stone pendants as a thank you for sharing my travel ramblings. Though all of their jewellery is unmatchably stunning, I knew instantly which pieces I wanted (I’d been eyeing them up for some time already) because these specific jewels, reminded me of the gorgeous cut silver I had seen in Yogyakarta - one of my favourite destinations on the island of Java, Indonesia.

I also chose these specific items because they compliment my current jewellery so well; my celestial moon and star Swarovski necklace sits admirably above my Baltic Beauty Amber Sun Pendant  and now I feel like I have the whole universe hanging from my neck. The ring that I’ve stacked with the Baltic Beauty minimalist amber ring is actually one that I designed and created during a silver smithing class that I took whilst in Yogyakarta. The oxidised amber hoop earrings have this exuberant bohemian vibe which evokes my style perfectly, and so made the three-piece set an idyllic combination.

These beautiful pieces of jewellery mark this new venture for me. So browse their versatile amber jewellery collections and discover fineries that you can style with love, passion and exquisiteness. Mark your own milestones and tell your life story with Baltic Beauty's Biography Collection. Setting sail across our worlds oceans? Baltic Beauty’s Anchor Charm Pendant could be the perfect good luck charm for the voyage! Embarking on an expedition through the Middle East? The Amber Hamsa Pendant (Hand of God) could help harness the protection and good fortune that its original design is believed to bring wearers from all faiths. Graduating from University? The Large Owl Charm Pendant could be your knowledgable companion for the journey ahead.

A wise William Morris once said; "everything that you own should be either useful or beautiful". Begin a simpler life and share with others the things that enrich you. Feel free to begin right here, with a sterling silver amber pendant and a passport!


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