by Sally-Ann Dunn April 02, 2017


Not everyone knows the spectrum of dazzling colours that Baltic Amber has to offer. In fact, there are 250 different shades of natural Amber - from the most common cognac hues to bony whites, Amber is a truly versatile, semi-precious stone.
The green colours of amber jewellery make up about 2% of all Amber found across the Baltic Sea, it is very popular within the jewellery market as a result of its rarity and obvious intrigue. With its green hues ranging from deep olive to bright emerald, Green Amber offers beauty in every shade. Green Amber is both a natural and man made rarity. Like all Baltic Amber, Green Amber passes through the exact same process in its journey to becoming the semi precious beauty that we know and love. However, certain green can be achieved artificially through the manipulation of the light's effect on yellow amber. If light is blocked from passing straight through an Amber Stone, a natural yellow amber piece will appear Green.

Just as most gemstones are heated, cut, treated and polished to bring out their signature 'clear-cut' looks, similar treatments are used to enhance Green Amber. So today, this artificial creation of Green from natural Baltic Amber, is accepted by the International Amber Association as simply an enhancement. 
Green Amber has a deep and mesmerising quality enveloped in a world of lore and history. In many cultures throughout history people believed that this green hue of Amber had the ability to bring good luck and immortality to its wearer. For these reasons, we have made Green Amber the Official "Baltic Birthstone of August", paralleling Peridot for its hue, beauty and meanings.

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Sally-Ann Dunn
Sally-Ann Dunn

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