Amber Look Fashion Show 2019 - A Celebration of World Cultures & Amber Jewellery

by Sally-Ann Dunn April 10, 2019 3 min read

Amber Look Fashion Show 2019 - A Celebration of World Cultures & Amber Jewellery

Amber Look is the ultimate annual fusion of Amber jewellery and International Fashion. From avant-garde outfits that no one quite understands, to beautiful regal influence and elegant evening wear - this year's Amber Look catwalk had it all. 

The 26th Edition of Amber Look took place in the Shakespeare Theatre of the AmberExpo centre. It is arguably the highlight of Amberif - the world’s greatest Amber Exhibition and the largest jewellery event in Central and Eastern Europe.
The runway features 7 designer duets, each flaunting an artistic symphony of eccentric styles.

"[Amber Look] is for the designer - fashion and jewellery - it is a unique opportunity to go crazy artistically: the only limit is your imagination.That is why there are unique projects on the catwalk, emanating freshness, unobvious and surprising, which encourage them to inspire them also in everyday life "- Dorota Cenecka.


Jewellery by Danka Czapnik 
Fashion by Katarzyna Konieczka

Mad Doll saw historically emblazoned attire, bringing together influences from centuries-old distant cultures. From Rome to Paris, Japan to Egypt - this set was an appreciation of the ancient world. The avant-garde range had an unorthodox expression of bold contours and sculptural armour reminiscent of out of this world Sci-Fi robots, complete with bold Cherry Amber and Butterscotch Amber adornments. 



Jewellery by Marcin Bogusław
Fashion by Marcel Iwański

In a complete and welcomed contrast to Mad Doll, New Wave was a celebration of more modern day fashion and the powerful woman. With a 1970s punk-rock influence, the studded leather jackets, biker caps and tartan trousers offered a brand new look for contemporary metal-heavy amber jewellery, inspired by the infamous Gdansk Shipyard.


Jewellery by Sława Tchórzewska
Fashion by Patryk Wojciechowski

The adornments in this set are a unique blend of vibrant oceanic hues and frilly textures. The show saw 6 all-black pinstriped and checked looks, with 2 stand-out burnt orange styles. LO(S/V)ERS boasts a definite nature influence in its choice of colour palette but also, adds a level of mystery with embroiled gun holsters. An intriguing and artistic display of fashion, leaving much to the imagination.  


Jewellery by Dorota Cenecka
Fashion by Dominika Czarnecka

Flaunting an all female model catwalk, IDYLLA gave us evening wear of dreams. With black silks, and puffy skirts, strappy sandals and lace galore, this designer-duet fused classic evening wear with a fresh combination of leather clad necklaces and bold-cut stones. The adornments offered a distinct juxtaposition to the femininity of the silk kimonos and delicate dresses. 


Jewellery by Ireneusz Glaza
Fashion by Paweł Węgrzyn

Think the grand appearance of 1920s Mafia, with beloved Fedoras, cocky bow ties, and bejewelled suits. The suited looks make a strong statement of equality, with both the male and female models beaming with strength and beauty. 1920s accessories were lavish and opulent, as are the amber stones that bejewel these looks, dotted with sparkling rhinestone's for a glassy-sparkle. The camel and navy palette works wonders with the extravagant yellow amber details. 


Jewellery by Danka Kruczkowska
Fashion by Aneta Larysa Knap

Raw Amber meets Native Folklore. The primary colours and textured patterns compliment the historic and organic feel of the Amber accessories. The matte-finish jewellery offers a flawless fusion, simply blending into the looks as camouflage, and reiterating the chameleon-like nature of the amber stone.



Jewellery by A2 Anna Węsierska
Fashion by Olga Ziemann

A celebration of textures and sheer elegance. The pairing of silk, lace and pastel hues really brought the styling of Amber into the spotlight. With the layering of necklaces and excessive cocktail rings adding a unique touch to the beautiful catwalk looks. The modern palette of pastel violets and champagne gold were a new and welcome canvas. We hope to see more of this ingenuity in the upcoming world of Amber Jewellery. 

One thing that can be ascertained from the Amber Look Spectacle is that Butterscotch Yellow Amber Jewellery is on the rise. It's range of hues from bone white to creamy yellow, and all the pastel tones between, offer the beauty and versatility for a vast spectrum of styles. Learn more About Yellow Amber or discover our Yellow Amber Jewellery collections. 

 Photo Credit: AmberExpo 

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December 07, 2019

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Всемирно известные дизайнеры уже представили свои коллекции к осенне-зимнему сезону 2019/2020. Вам интересно, что будет модно в предстоящем сезоне? Какими будут осенние и зимние тренды на рубеже 2019 и 2020 годов? Мы приглашаем вас в статью, в которой вы найдете много вдохновения и стильной одежды. Не ждите и проверьте осенние и зимние тенденции сейчас.

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