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by Sally-Ann Dunn October 19, 2016

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Make a statement ring part of your every day style. A casual outfit can look so much better with an added statement ring - don’t be afraid of going overboard with a dramatic accessory.


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There's just something about an orange palette that sparks the imagination. Whatever it is, it's got the designers at London Fashion Week inspired. Check out these gorgeous runway beauties wearing bright autumnal hues.


Welcoming another Baltic Birthstones - where we give traditional Birthstones an Amber makeover. In this autumnal month, say hello to Deeply Coloured Cognac Amber, which beautifully parallels Opal's colour play.


The Halloween Holiday simply screams for drama and creativity. From the renown Serpenti collection of Bulgarito Jewels Verne of Stephen Webster, it is clear that Halloween is a truly inspirational holiday for jewellery designers.


Baltic Beauty Give Away 

We're running our very first Facebook competition - featuring 3 of our most beautiful jewellery pieces, we're giving 3 lucky people the opportunity to win their favourite Baltic Beauty accessory.

All you have to do is head over to our Facebook page (make sure you've liked it!) and find our 'Give Away' post. Next, comment with your favourite Baltic Beauty: A, B or C.

Everyone who enters into our competition will be grouped by their choice and one person from each group will be selected at random to walk away with their chosen Baltic Beauty.

The competition closes on the 22nd of October - so keep your entries coming! 

Check out our You Tube Video showcasing your 3 Baltic Beauty accessories!

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Sally-Ann Dunn
Sally-Ann Dunn

Passionate writer, ring addict and the creative eye behind the Baltic Beauty Blog.

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