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Baltic Birthstones: September

So somehow, Amber drew the short straw and didn't manage to qualify for the 'Birthstones' category. With my love affair with Amber growing stronger everyday, I'm currently trying my hardest, to break society's barriers and squeeze it into this elite gemstone group

September's birthstone is Sapphire, a gemstone typically associated with its pure and bright blue colour. However this stone can occur naturally in yellow, purple, orange and green - known as "fancy sapphires", as well as colourless, grey and black. 


A rare variation of natural sapphire is "color-changing sapphire" which exhibits differing colours under different light. These Sapphires can be blue in natural light and purple under incandescent light. Sapphires are such a diverse gemstone. Not unlike our beloved Amber, as Blue Amber has in fact been discovered exclusively from the Dominican Republic, originating from the now extinct Hymenaea protera tree.

When a light source containing components of UV light (e.g natural sunlight) strikes this Dominican Amber, the resulting light refractions cause a bright blueish glow. However under artificial light, the stone will just appear amber! So just like the Sapphire Gemstone, Amber can also be blue as well as being observed as "colour changing" depending on the light source!

We've also mentioned that "Fancy Sapphires" can be found in yellow, purple, green and orange - well would you look at that, Amber can also be found in all of those colours!


In the Middle Ages Sapphires were believed to protect loved ones from harm whilst  also representing loyalty and trust. According to gemstone lore, Blue Amber is the stone of positivity and joy - with warmth, healing, wisdom, and protection being just a few of the properties attributed to this old amber stone.

Whilst Sapphire and Blue Amber do seem rather alike, there is quite a significant difference between the two stones. Sapphires are mined from many commercial mining locations all across the world, but Blue Amber has only been discovered in a single region, making it the rarest of all gemstones.
So, in all honestly Dominican Amber may not technically be a "Baltic" Birthstone, but it is a gorgeous Amber alternative for September's Blue Sapphire Birthstone! Don't you think?

Let us know what your thoughts on this blue amber stone in the comments below!

As always, 
Your BB-Blogger,

Sally-Ann xX


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