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Introducing Your Autumn/Winter Colour Palette: A Boho Chic Jewellery Look Book

Of course it's always sad to wave bye-bye to sweet summer bliss, but with the Autumn/Winter season comes a brand new colour palette and we are obsessed with 2018's.

'Tis the season to embrace deep plum-hued lipsticks, nail polish and all things jewellery. It's the time to rejoice for luxe-gold highlight, mustard dresses, copper shoes and bold statement jewellery. The palette of fashion is popping with warmth as the days become shorter and cooler.

Hang up your summer sliders, and opt for a new moody palette of earth tones and add a sparkling and mystique finish with our Boho Amber Jewellery.


One thing that I think is important to digress, with all online content really, is reality. The reality of this shoot is that it was photographed in the Roaches of the Peak District, near our home town last February. We decided at about 5pm that we would do the photoshoot, and at 6 we were ready. Being the rather average and gloomy Great British February evening that it was, it was truly pitch black with weather-warning worthy rain. Not to mention the sub zero temperature. We shot this content all within half an hour, right up until the point our fingers and quite frankly, my legs, could simply not take anymore cold. Despite being frozen and completely unprepared, we are simply over the moon with the results. It's moody, it's earthy, it's exactly the boho canvas that we wanted for our jewellery.

Location: The Roaches Peak District, UK
Photographer: Bartosz Wozniak of TRIO Stories 
Model: Sally-Ann Dunn 
Special Thanks: Annabel Emery for her styling expertise from across the globe.
Wearing: H&M Oversized Mustard Jumper, Vintage Black Knee High Boots & Brown Vintage Leather Buckle Suitcase


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