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ELEMENTS - a NEW & Exclusive Amber Jewellery Collection

A Baltic Beauty Jewellery exclusive - Elements is everything Baltic Beauty was designed to be. Original and instinctive, modern but natural, reimagined and respectful. Elements is a looking glass into the history, organic and imperfect beauty of Baltic Amber.

Whilst the history of Amber is a long and chaotic tale, the contemporary story of our jewellery starts from the very moment it is handpicked from the shores of the Baltic Sea. Collected, sorted and chosen to be crafted into wearable treasures adorned for lifetimes. The Amber is found in a rough and organic state, with a jagged silhouette, created by the harsh waves of the cold Baltic sea and a cloudy core that's withstood millenia. From this moment, it is in our hands - cleaned, polished and autoclaved to bring out the very best of its beauty. 

Elements was created in honour of Amber's nature-found shape, with unexpected edges and an organic frame. It's the perfect hommage to say "come as you are" and "you are enough as is". 

Progressive and eye-catching, the inherent asymmetry of the Amber pebble echoes the story of our favourite organic gem, whilst the minimalist frame and dainty size reimagine the boundaries of classic Amber jewellery. 

From everyday boho to evening radiance, Elements is instantly wearable. Designed to be stacked, layered and mismatched, how will you wear the Baltic Beauty Elements? Let us know over on our socials, we would love to hear your ideas and see your shared photos @balticbeautyjewellery #MyBalticBeauty


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